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Последний раз Tyger448 выиграл 24 мая

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  • День рождения 02.08.1997
  1. Stuff

    Rammstein "Fanzine" 1998
  2. 1997.08.30 - Konstanz, Rock Am See, Germany

    You're the best!!
  3. Stuff

    Thank you very much for these awesome pictures!!
  4. Band Life

    Very cool!
  5. Band Life

    USA Tour 2001 3240*2381 Russia 2002 2164*1573 Metal Hammer Awards 2013 3452*2517
  6. Band Life

    www.facebook.com/Rammstein.Ezzy 06.12.1996 - Herford, Germany Richard looks for his credit card after it had fallen in the skip.
  7. 1996.01.27 - Braunschweig, FBZ Bürgerpark, Germany

    by Peter Sierigk
  8. 1995.10.19 - Berlin, Huxley’s Neue Welt, Germany

    I believe this photo is from this show I put together a comparison of this photo and the other photo that we have. You can see that the strands of hair on the top left side of Till's hair are identical. Also, the positioning of the green light on the microphone is at the exact same spot in both photos, and the microphone stands are also the same.
  9. 1997.06.28 - Bergum, Wâldrock Festival, Netherlands

    by Wâldrock Official Скачать все 18 фото
  10. 1995.12.19 - Hamburg, Logo Club, Germany

    Possibly another photo from this show?
  11. 1997.06.21 - Scheeßel, Hurricane Festival, Germany

    Something tells me that these photos aren't from this date. The first red flag for me is the length of Till's hair. In April - May of 1997, his hair came down to about mid-ear level. Also, the hair on the back and sides was a lot shorter. Here's a couple screens from 04.19.1997 (only a few weeks before) to show this: And here's a photo from 05.06.1997 (the day before) to show this as well: Now, in the summer of 1997 (June - August) his hair was grew out a little bit. It came down slightly past the ear, and the back and sides grew out as well. So, in conclusion, Till's hair in these photos was a lot longer than it was during the May '97 tour. Another thing that makes me think this is the incorrect date for these photos, is the scenery in the background. Grosse Freiheit 36 is a fairly small venue. I think we would be able to see the walls, lights, or back of the stage in these photos if it was in that venue. These photos look like they were taken at a festival. The larger stage would be harder to see like in these photos. If I had to guess, I would say these were taken at a summer festival sometime between June and July of 1997.
  12. 1996.06.13 - Krefeld, Kulturfabrik, Germany

    A poster from a "Metal Hammer" magazine that I bought. I had to scan the poster piece-by-piece and merge it in Photoshop so the center has a spacing in it. Preview size: 1823 x 1339 Download the original scan (upload by Princess Luna). Size: 7290 x 5353
  13. 1997.11.22 - Katowice, Odjazdy Festival, Poland

    by Tomasz Jodłowski
  14. by Karl Radowan Скачать все 17 фото