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1997.07.05 - Zwickau, With Full Force Festival, Germany

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by Dieter Wuschanski


image.jpg Zwickau.jpg


I think this is from Zwickau 97 because:

1. Till's hair and costume is correct for the time period.

2. Look at Ollie, he has sunglasses and a red bass guitar. If you look at the video from Zwickau you'll see that he looks exactly like it.

3. The layout of the stage is similar to that of the Full Force Festival

Also, you'll notice that Till is wearing the same robe that he wore at the Bizarre Festival during 'Tier'. This leads me to believe that this photo was taken during the opening of the concert, and that the setlist for this show was the same as the Bizarre Festival show.

01. Tier
02. Bestrafe Mich
03. Du Riechst So Gut
04. Du Hast
05. Sehnsucht
06. Buck Dich
07. Asche Zu Asche
08. Seemann
09. Spiel Mit MIr
10. Heirate Mich
11. Der Meister
12. Laichzeit
13. Engel
14. Rammstein (Eskimos & Egypt Remix)
15. Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen?

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I am pretty sure that the second photo was not taken in Zwickau. On the top of picture it says "Selbstgeißelung kommt auch in Ungarn gut an". That means, that the concert this picture was taken at took place in Hungary. It could be from the Pepsi Island Festival, 09.08.1998.

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