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2005.02.09 - Lille, Zénith Arena, France

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1. Intro (Sigur Rós) [cut]
2. Reise, Reise
3. Links 2-3-4
4. Keine Lust
5. Feuer frei!
6. Rein raus [cut]
7. Morgenstern [cut]
8. Mein Teil [cut]
9. Stein um Stein [cut]
10. Los [cut]
11. Moskau [cut]
12. Du riechst so gut [cut]
13. Sehnsucht [cut]
14. Amerika [cut]
15. Encore 1 [cut]
16. Rammstein [cut]
17. Sonne [cut]
18. Ich will [cut]
19. Encore 2 [cut]
20. Stripped [cut]

Format: AVI
Size: 688 MB
Display resolution: 352x256
Bitrate: 1267 kbps
Frame rate: 25 fps
Duration: 01:08:21
Camera: Audience (Left)



1. Reise, Reise [cut]

Taper: unknown
Format: MP4
Size: 1,66 MB
Display resolution: 512x384
Bitrate: 403 kbps
Frame rate: 25 fps
Duration: 00:29
Camera: Audience (Right)


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