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2006.xx.xx - Oomph!-day, Germany

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OOMPH! Day the movie 2006 [DVD] [Made by fans - Uploaded by heiratemich] [LIMITED]





Chapter 1:
Release-party "Gott ist ein Popstar" (Berlin K 17)
the beginning of promotiona ctivities "Glaubeliebetod"
Oomph! feat. DJ Tom (S.I.T.D.)

Chapter 2:
Oomph!-week Hamburg, Essen, Berlin, Dresden, Siegen, Braunschweig
The first day in Hamburg
Presale Album Essen/Zeche Carl and dj-impressions
Back in Berlin/"Where is the party?"
Promotion as Saturn Dresden/Dero is the new frontman of "Scooter"/"Mein Herz" a capella/
Jägermeister at its best/After-party impressions in Dresden
The home of DJ Guenter - Siegen/a short feedback of an interviewer
Vetter It (Adams family) on tour
The last day of promotion/the new Dero-vox-box and his first new record inside(
the feedback of oomph!

Chapter 3:
Oomph!-day history
Duren, Cologne, M'era Luna, Aachen, Dresden

Chapter 4:
Tour-after-show-party (Cologne, AAA)
the concert in Cologne (Shortcut)/Awaiting the band/A new art of celebrating birthday


Copyright by Team Oomph!-Day 2006, strictly limited.
Powered by Jägermeister

RIPPED & SHARED by heiratemich
DOWNLOAD: https://goo.gl/fhtKvD
PASSWORD: heiratemich

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Распаковался только первый архив. Остальные - "Архив повреждён или имеет неизвестный формат". Повторное скачивание не помогло...


Или нужен только первый архив? На нём, кажется, есть всё с этого DVD.

Edited by Doktor Flake

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