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  1. For why i think its the same is because it said this Nobody really has a lossless copy of this recording. unfortunately, as everything out there is all sourced from an imperfect initial transfer from the master DAT tape (from 2011), that has been accidentally done using compression (this is firsthand information that received from the taper of this recording). Which means that everything out there is actually lossy to begin with. For this, I've obtained the original master DAT tape of this recording, and made a new, proper transfer of it (digital transfer, 2020). This is the only lossless
  2. Rammstein 2022.07.20 Tallinna, Estonia Tracklist 01. Music For The Royal Fireworks (Taped Intro) 02. Armee Der Tristen 03. Zick Zack 04. Links 2-3-4 05. Sehnsucht 06. Zeig Dich 07. Mein Herz Brennt 08. Puppe 09. Heirate Mich 10. Zeit (0:35) 11. Deutschland (Remix By Richard Z. Kruspe) 12. Deutschland 13. Radio 14. Mein Teil 15. Du Hast 16. Sonne 17. Encore Break 18. Engel (With Duò Abelard On Piano) 19. Ausländer 20. Du Riechst So Gut 21. Pussy 22. Rammstein 23. Ich Wi
  3. i am telling you that i have NEVER HAD AN FB ACCOUNT
  4. send me the person account
  5. lol what? i never did this 🤭 so stop with your bs and let me be. i have never had a facebook account in my life... so stop this lie
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