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  1. Is it confirmed that the official title is actually "Rammstein"? If it's their final album then it's fitting, i suppose. The art and photography would be better suited for another live DVD
  2. KainRich


    I'm absolutely loving the new Emigrate album. My favorite tracks are the one without guest musicians, especially Rainbow and Born On My Own. Definite improval over the first self-titled Emigrate album. I was a huge Manson fan in the late 90s, but i feel "Hypothetical" may be one of the weakest tracks on the album. Aside from that, it's a decent album. You can tell Richard is having fun creating his own music and collaborating with others. Я абсолютно любить новую эмиграцию альбом . Мои любимые трекиодин без приглашенных музыкантов , особенно Радуга и Born On My Own . Определенный improval над первой одноименный Emigrate альбома . Я был большим поклонником Мэнсон в конце 90-х , но я чувствую, " Гипотетический " может быть одним из самых слабых треков на альбоме . Кроме этого, это достойный альбом . Вы можете сказать, Ричард весело создавать свою музыку и сотрудничает с другими. Извините за плохой перевод
  3. [Member Max696 =] , Those Were Made by https://www.facebook.com/radiorammsteinchile , I think. If you scroll all the way down you can find all of the extended albums they made ​​in zipped downloads .. I believe there's five of them. Theyre fan made. Some of them are pretty good, some arent. EDIT = The exact post for the download links is dated March 18, 2012. So keep scrolling down. Disc 5 isnt listed there, but Im sure it's somewhere on the page. EDIT 2 = DISC 5 is right here http://www.mediafire.com/download/87d3bj377y3oz4i/CD+5.rar
  4. @ Radius Я не уверен, но это очень впечатляет
  5. Yes, maybe i posted too quick without inspecting it more thoroughly last night. It was late and I wasnt in my right mind Changing title of topic. If your interested I found another remix of "Feuer und Wasser", entitled a demo, too. Not as good as the Los remix, it's more of an orchestral approach. Has a fantasy sound to it. I presume it's made by the same guy. Link below. https://yadi.sk/d/TJPD6ZumYQ2qD Да, может быть, я отвечал слишком быстро без проверки его более тщательно прошлой ночью. Было поздно, и я не был в своем уме Изменение название темы. Если заинтересованы я нашел еще один ремикс "Feuer унд Wasser" под названием демо, тоже. Не так хорошо, как Лос-ремикс, это больше оркестровой подхода. Имеет фэнтези звук к нему. Я предполагаю, что это сделано одним и тем же парнем. Ссылка ниже.
  6. Hello all. I found this song entitled Los demo somewhere deep in the pits of the web. I'm curious of the authenticity of the file, whether or not it's fan made or an actual Rammstein demo? It sounds too high quality, perhaps more like a remix. Regardless, it's still enjoyable. https://yadi.sk/d/88zrf9ZxYBuVf Hello everyone. I found this song called Los demo somewhere deep in the pits on the Internet. I'm curious about the authenticity of the file or not, this fan made or actual Rammstein demo? It sounds too high quality, perhaps more like a remix. Despite this, it is still enjoyable. Unfortunately, the Russian is not my native language
  7. Nice!! I need a good R+ fix Thank you. edit: I'd absolutely love it if you nice guys at SB.RU would make a similar "best of" consisting of live shows, perhaps of the audio you think is of best quality, and perhaps one show of each era.
  8. Thanks! Any chance for the DVD-rip? Still getting a 404 error. If not, it's fine, I'll grab the VOB files instead
  9. Any other links? The current one is expired. I'd love to have this, thanks
  10. A few questions, i could search myself but maybe you can save me the time. 1. Which live show has the best quality of "Moskau"? 2. "Waidmanns Heil?" 3. "Adios" ? I know it's probably hard to think back to individual shows, but thanks if you can Edit- It would be really sweet if you guys can have a "staff pick" list of shows, for the best quality ones.
  11. @ Mithgol Thank you. Apparently i already had this version, I had assumed this was a different recording of the show
  12. Hello. Do you know where i can find http://www.myzuka.ru/Album/112079/Rammstein-Rock-Im-Park-Festival-2010 ? Apparently the quality is amazing
  13. Thanks I love stuttgart Have you ever seen these clips? Here's one..Id love to get my hands on them if theyre legit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHbGnyXqR2 , but I doubt theyre real, or even available if so.
  14. In your opinion, what is the best MIG show, audio wise? По вашему мнению, что является лучшим MIG шоу, аудио мудрым?
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