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  1. too late you delete the profile 2min after my post here fucking idiot
  2. Hello The fucking idiot user Remedy create fake account with my name (facebook). Pretend that my previous account was hacked and ask to get bootlegs. Warning about it. Please delete this fucking idiot user, and block his IP.
  3. Hello, I can get a FULL DVD tape at right of Paris 2001. 01. 5/4 02. Mein Herz Brennt 03. Links 2-3-4 04. Sehnsucht 05. Feuer Frei 06. Rein Raus 07. Adios 08. Mutter 09. Spieluhr 10. Zwitter 11. Weißes Fleisch 12. Asche Zu Asche 13. Du Hast 14. Bück Dich 15. Rammstein 16. Sonne 17. Ich Will 18. Stripped Size: 5,50 GB Duration: 01:25:32 If you are interested let your mail below, I will contact people soon
  4. I upload my master audio tape with zoom h1 and ecm 717 to Dimeadozen
  5. Tracklist: 1. Mein Herz brennt 2. Links 2-3-4 3. Sehnsucht 4. Feuer frei! 5. Rein raus 6. Adios 7. Mutter 8. Zwitter 9. Weisses Fleisch 10. Asche zu Asche 11. Du hast 12. Bück dich 13. Engel [00:30] 14. Rammstein 15. Sonne 16. Ich will Note: Trade sample from RammsteinTrade.Com Taper(s): unknown Venue: Werchterpark Source: MiniDisc Lineage: MiniDisc > WAV Format: MP3 Size: 790 KB Duration: 00:00:30 Bitrate: 128 kbps Channel(s): 2 Sampling rate: 44,1 kHz
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