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  1. Posted by Ezzy on August 18, 2012 https://www.facebook.com/Rammstein.Ezzy Setlist: 1. Rammstein 2. Herzeleid 3. Meister 4. Afrika 5. Fleisch 6. Asche 7. Seemann 8. Kinski (Heirate mich) 9. Riecher (Du riechst so gut) 10. Laichzeit 11. Bringer (Wollt ihr das Bett ... ) Encore: Hallo, Hallo (Das alte Leid) Feuerräder Report: ... on 7th December 1995 in Stuttgart, Röhre “DER MEISTER” The next day we go shopping: clothes, look at instruments before the crazy world starts again in the afternoon. The journey doesn’t last long. Tour manager Tom turns out to be a horror and action fan. Clearly with cult directors like Jörg Buttgereit, Dario Argento, John Woo a point of conversation is easily found, even if the collective of our fascination is not always the same. All of a sudden Rammstein developes a good hearing. I ramble about the countless bodies in a John Woo movie, which was caused by one shot. >>one shot – 100 death<< >>What did you just say? Is that by you? ‘One shot – 100 death’ super, I have to involve that in one of my lyrics. That just asks to be used<< In Stuttgart we stay in the same hotel as some sparring partners of the boxer Botha, although everything goes well, no incidents occur. The “Röhre” is well visited later on. And Rammstein is allowed to use all their pyros: super! The serious stage and the great sound are base for a master performance. Rammstein has, besides 2 older tracks that didn’t make the “Herzeleid” album, a new song in store “Afrika”. Superb, that track – if the second record is going to be like that .... The “louder, louder!” dude of yesterday is also there again and is just as impressed as I am. Although later on tears are running down my face because I have to leave Rammstein. A weak comfort is that we will meet again in a few days. Sadness keeps me imprisoned for now. How do they say it so beautifully in “Seemann”? “So merciless is the night / in the end I still remain alone” Source: 1996-02 Break-Out Magazine
  2. Does anyone have a good photo of the backdrop currently being used on the Made in Germany tour? I thought I saw one once but now I can't find it Just a a good close-up photo of the large backdrop, preferably lit up like in a concert Like this:
  3. Herzeleid tour - 1994.12.31 Saalfeld, Thruengin Klubhaus (Video), 1995.08.08 Berlin, Knaack Klub, 1996.06.14 Hildesheim, Zillo Festival, 1997.08.16 Koln, Burgerhaus Stollwerk Sehnsucht Tour - 1997.09.26 Emden, Nordseehalle, 1997.12.13 Los Angeles, 1998.06.27 Roskilde (Full recording), 1998.08.16 Hlidesheim, Zillo Festival (Video), 1998.10.31 Fairfax, Patriot Center Mutter Tour - 2001.05.15 Hamburg, Sporthalle, 2002.06.27 Roskilde (Video) Ahoi Tour - 2004.11.01 Mannheim, Maimarkthalle (Full Video)
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