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  1. Try this: http://filestore.to/?d=MJBZGM21Z0 http://filestore.to/?d=FQX8X90UJS
  2. Download: https://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/KZOkleriNOa2M6%2BfcVdUXA Password: heiratemich
  3. Title: On a Dark Winter's Night Cat. nr: OOMPH 281204 Format: WAV Quality: 1411kbps Source: Silver CD Ripper and scanned by: heiratemich http://www.rammsteincollector.com/ Tracks 1-15 recorded on "A Dark Winter's Night" Festival, Oberhausen, Germany on Dec. 28th 2004. It is an audience recording. Tracks 16-19 are taken from official releases. The names of the remixes were deliberately shortened. Tracklist: CD: 01 // Anouncement 02 // Intro 03 // Viel Zu Viel 04 // Wenn Du Weinst 05 // Fieber 06 // Burn Your Eyes 07 // Keine Luft M
  4. heiratemich


    Colos-Saal Aschaffenburg am Main, Germany January 20, 2016 FORMAT: FLAC QUALITY: Audience rec. SIZE: 683 MB LENGTH: 61:20 LINEAGE: Zoom H2 & Sony ECM 717 -> FLAC -> You 01 Zombieland 02 Fanatisch 03 Prellbock 04 Dein Herz schlägt 05 Wer hat Angst vorm schwarzen Mann? 06 Lieblingsfeind 07 Rock Me Amadeus 08 5. März 09 Himmelfahrt 10 Augenblick 11 Schwarzer Engel 12 Einsam 13 Ist das verrückt? 14 Gegen den Wind 15 Heuchler 16 Herzblut 17 Glas Und Tränen 18 Encore Break 19 Jagdzeit 20 Himmelsstürmer 21 Für immer 22
  5. Oomph! - Live at Wacken Open Air 2015 (Blu-ray) 1080p Year.............: 2016 Rip date.......: 2016-08-13 Length.........: 00:08:20 Size...............: 629 MB Resolution..: 1920x1080 (AR: 16:9) Format.........: x264 NTSC 23.976 FPS / 10.5Mbps kbps Audio............: 48000Hz AC3 2.0 384kbps Deinterlace.: Decimation Tracklist: 01) Augen auf 02) Gott ist ein Popstar Download: https://www.sendspace.com/file/0n7vyi https://www.sendspace.com/file/gi8qr8 https://www.sendspace.com/file/winkd9 Password: heiratemich
  6. @Doktor FLake: No, you need all files. I recommend you to start using winrar. Open the first .part1-file and then unrar the files. (Part2, 3, 4...) will be opened automatically.
  7. OOMPH! Day the movie 2006 [DVD] [Made by fans - Uploaded by heiratemich] [LIMITED] Chapter 1: Release-party "Gott ist ein Popstar" (Berlin K 17) the beginning of promotiona ctivities "Glaubeliebetod" Oomph! feat. DJ Tom (S.I.T.D.) Chapter 2: Oomph!-week Hamburg, Essen, Berlin, Dresden, Siegen, Braunschweig The first day in Hamburg Presale Album Essen/Zeche Carl and dj-impressions Back in Berlin/"Where is the party?" Promotion as Saturn Dresden/Dero is the new frontman of "Scooter"/"Mein Herz" a capella/ Jägermeis
  8. @Doktor Flake: https://www.load.to/jd9U7TxeKK/zaxidfest.rar
  9. Oomph! - Live at Tempodrom, Berlin, Germany Fab 9th 2007 (Bundesvision) Resolution: 720x368 Bitrate: 1693kbps Size: 39,5mb Duration: 03:16 Tracklist: 01) Träumst du? Download: https://www.sendspace.com/file/02k6dn Password: heiratemich
  10. Oomph! - Live At Zaxidfest, Rodatichi, L'viv, Ukraine August 15th 2015 Resolution: 1280x720 Bitrate: 5247kbps Size: 317mb Duration: 08:35 Tracklist: 01) Niemand 02) Unter dem Mond Download: https://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/kkH1gorrODya9XCE2g3iQg Password: heiratemich
  11. Oomph! - Live At Heitere Open Air, Zofingen, Switzerland August 14th 2004 Resolution: 352x240 Bitrate: 1150kbps Size: 42,4mb Duration: 04:15 Tracklist: 01) Niemand Download: https://www.sendspace.com/file/tj7mgm Password: heiratemich
  12. Oomph! - Live at Dynamo Open Air, Nijmegen, Holland June 5th 2004 Format: FLAC Codec: reference libFLAC 1.1.2 20050205 Size: 178mb Bitrate: 5282kbps Duration: 00:26:32 Source: FM-broadcast Tracklist: 01) Wenn du weinst 02) Unsere rettung 03) Fieber 04) Burn your eyes 05) Keine luft mehr 06) Dein feuer Download: https://www.sendspace.com/file/y4imdn Password: heiratemich
  13. Oomph! - Live At Bundesvision, Germany Feb 15th 2008 Resolution: 720x416 Bitrate: 3595kbps Size: 96,4mb Duration: 03:22 Tracklist: 01) Träumst du Download: https://www.sendspace.com/file/mlldca Password: heiratemich
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